Bleed Nanny, Bleed – Chapter Two

Chapter Two

“Hear what, Cali?”

“Something said something…”

The cellar dimmed for a quick moment, suggesting someone or an animal passed between the far window and the sunlight fighting its way into the cellar darkness.

To their right, a bright light flashed and disintegrated into a million pieces like a shattered mirror one last time, as if it pleaded for a final response.

The deep red flare of fire off tot the left melted unto itself and dissipated.

A growl persisted into a low rumble.

The pulsing of the fire, light and the unidentified growl led to Bree’s whimpering and Cali’s uncontrollable shaking.

Within moments, their fear compounded. Each was lifted, screaming in protest and sent flying across the floor, smashing into small objects. Reduced to a series of pained groans and moans, Cali forced himself to find the source of the violence and couldn’t see much at all.

Of in the distance, Bree laughed a little, which seemed strange to Cali.

“Look Cali, it’s Suzie!”

“That’s not Suzie! She’s with her Nanny!”

A small shape, which looked like a small person or man, scampered into the darkest shadows.

“But that looked like Suzie!”

“Are you hurt, Bree?”


Within that split second, the two of them vanished from the cellar floor.

Silence hovered for what seemed like eternity.

Within the scope of a lone beam of solitary light from the westward window, both of them slammed down onto the harsh cold cement floor in a heap moaning and crying in pain. Cali attempted to reach for his sister to protect her.

A shadow passed over them as they huddled, crying in pain.

A female’s voice called out, ”Hello! Hello?”

Daylight beamed down from the open cellar door and upon the wooden, splintering stairs.

The creaking underneath her footsteps created new emotions of fear for Bree and Cali.

Is this an intruder, Cali thought to himself.

The woman spoke to herself in harsh ramblings to which the children couldn’t understand.

In a pause and a huge thump, the woman gasped, her back to the wall and in obvious shock.

Something whispered to the woman.

The only sound breaking apart the children’s pained moaning was the woman’s sharp breaths of panic.

“You must kill the children,” an ominous voice commanded the woman visitor.

Deep within the shadows, Cali persisted in his brotherly attempts to calm Bree.

Their faces emerged one by one, accented by the sunlight by only a little.

A low rumble rattled their bones and caused deep shivering within both of their bodies while a dark silhouette of a hand reached for them. As if on cue, their expressions turned from pain into wide-eyed, pale-faced fright.

Both of them asked simultaneously, “Daddy?”

—-To be continued—–


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