Bleed Nanny, Bleed – The Story – Chapter One

At two minutes after midnight, the passage of a deep black cloud against the moon’s rising path made it blink and squint in quiet fear. Far below, a female inside a two story colonial bedroom screamed in intense pain. An extremely strong attempt to strangle her made her whole world move and shake. She struggled by kicking and screaming against being violently pulled down the second floor hallway while the glowing of the pentagram on the floor faded in the distance, seemingly calling out of her name.

But the voice didn’t call from inside the ritual sanctuary.


“I…I …reversed it. Let me go!”

“Shut up! What did you do?”

Alice’s eyes bounced while seeing her dragging feet bashing against the descending steps. Her hands struggled to weaken the hold around her throat. Her words diminished to struggled gasps.

“You have done enough! Tonight this gets settled…my way!”

Alice’s legs and hands flailed helplessly under the tremendous strength of her husband, who continued to yank and pull her down the stairs, through the kitchen, crashing against any nearby furniture, and down the cellar steps.

The sheer speed of his strength and violence overwhelmed her ability to fight back.

Her next split second vision showed her the aging wooden ceiling, the crumbling of old asphalt walls and his angry face.

His eyes became her whole world for several seconds as her body stopped cold. His powerful hands lifted her and seated her roughly on the cellar floor, making her painfully contorted with her back cracking in places she never felt. Her eyes met his, threatening fierce resolve.

“You hold dangerous secrets and lies Alice. And today, it all stops.”

Before she could speak, her blurred vision captured a glimpse of him wrapping something between his hands. Her sense of disbelief somehow shut down her ability to fight her way out.

Her view of the cellar suddenly blackened.

Alice could only flail against gravity, choking, her feet dangling and kicking.

Her future quickly faded. Her hearing blocked of everything except soft muffled sounds around her. Tiny, rushed footsteps echoed in her head.

“Momma, why are you hanging up there? Momma?”

Alice’s eyes shot open and managed to choke out one name.


Alice shot her arms outward, eyes miraculously widened, hoping to grasp any remaining life and her eight-year old son.

In her peripheral vision, her husband jumped forward. The chair was donkey-kicked to the back of the cellar.

“What is daddy doing, Momma?”

The ugly snap of her husband’s neck in a separate nearby hanging noose told her everything.

More tiny footsteps rumbled down the stairs.

“Momma? Momma?”

“Bree, it’s me Cali. Stay over there!”


Before either child could speak further, an invisible force picked them up and threw them against the cellar walls, silencing them.

A dark, resonant laugh shook the foundation of this two story colonial in the middle of this cursed night.

In that same moment a bright light shone bright and disintegrated in the far corner of the cellar.

On the other end, a reddened swirling cloud broke up into countless grains and into blackness.

A deep growl of disappointment rumbled the floor and it origniated from a dark shadow peeling itself away from the walls.

A sinister moment of pervasive silence hung thick in the settling dust.

The shadow’s deep resonant voice claimed with one deliberate word at a time, “It’s time to play and make destiny serve me!”

No soul was aware enough to hear it.

Moments later Bree slowly whimpered awake, reaching for Cali.

“Cali…Cali? Wake up! Did you hear that?”

—next installment coming soon—


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